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  • NEW FREE DOWNLOADS for a Limited time only! Click picrures for link to download site.

  • OUT DEMONS OUT live at the Stag's Head! With the London Dirthole Company.

    Sexton Ming "OUT DEMONS OUT" with the London Dirthole Company live at the Stag's Head, 8 May 2010. More videos here

  • New split chapbook of poems to make you think while you are having a quiet one. Sexton Ming: The thinking man's GG Allin. Colin Shaddick: Britain's third most popular eccentric. Together they make one considerable man. Only £4 including p&p. Go to the shop and buy while supplies last!

  • NEW Website page: Sexton Ming's Manifestos

  • "This is Ming Beat" a compliation of Sexton Ming songs by the famous and infamous, from Dave Cloud to Jowe Head. Get 'em while they are hot! See the Shop.

BOOK: God told me to eat Dog Shit: see the shop to order now: limited edition!!

"I own your Farts", video by Mark Revival - more videos here


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