Reasons To Rent A Jaguar For Your Next Road Trip

Posted on Jul 3, 2017 in Luxury Cars

Road trips whether with your friends or your family should always be exciting. Seeing new places, enjoying the long journey, and feeling the fresh air with those people who are important to you are treasured moments that will last a lifetime. And for these road trips, it would be great If you have an amazing vehicle with you. A car that is sleek, easy to drive, and extremely comfortable both for the passengers and the driver is what you’ll need to create an awesome journey for everyone. And this is what Jaguar cars can offer to you.

Now you might think that it’s impossible for you to drive something as classy and luxurious as a Jaguar because it can be extremely expensive. However, there are still other ways for you to experience handling a Jaguar car. Why not rent a Jaguar car? If you’re hesitant about renting one, here are some reasons that will make you want to drive that Jaguar car now!

No Depreciation

When you purchase a car, it will automatically lose a percentage of its value as you drive it. In fact, the moment you drive it home, the value is already depreciating. Renting a car instead of buying one releases you from this loss because all you have to pay for is the rental price and after that, you are free from any responsibility once the car is turned over.

No Maintenance

Maintenance can be very costly especially if you have a luxury car. Some might even charge you extra fees if the car is fancy or needs extra care. When you rent a Jaguar car, you won’t have to worry about this part because the car rental company will take care of everything for you. No more garage bills. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Enjoy Variety

Why drive only one type of car when you can try driving all kinds of models that you like? Jaguar has a collection of fabulous models that is going to be exciting for you to drive. And yes, it is expensive to buy them all. You have to be a millionaire to do that. But with car rentals, you have the chance to try all of these amazing Jaguar car models without spending a million bucks. The best thing about it is that you can choose whatever model that will suit your road trip.

Enjoy The Benefits

Just like any other businesses, car rental companies also reward their clients with amazing discounts that you can enjoy when you stay loyal to their brand. Renting a car will soon be cheaper for you.

Are you now convinced that you should rent a Jaguar car for your next road trip? Experience the luxury of driving a Jaguar vehicle without the expensive tag price. You can now stop worrying about depreciation, maintenance, and just enjoy all of the benefits of renting the car of your dreams. For more details about the advantages that you can get, contact a car rental provider today.

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Why You Need To Choose Luxury Car Rental In Dubai

Posted on Aug 17, 2016 in Luxury Cars

If you are traveling to Dubai, you should know that the best way to travel around the city is by luxury car. If you have an international driver’s license and money is no object for you, why not just go all the way and choose luxury car rental in Dubai?

When it comes to a luxury car rental in Dubai from reputable agencies like, you have several choices, and while all of them offer you the same chance to drive around the most futuristic cities in the world in style and luxury, we can tell you that not all of them are created alike. There are rental companies that have a better fleet. Others, on the other hand, offer you luxury car options at a discount. But we all know that you only get what you pay for in life.

luxury-travel-and-rentals-carIn any case, if you are keen on driving a Mercedes Benz in that part of the world, make sure to get a quote from the choices that you have. It’s not enough that you compare the prices at face value. You should get information on what is included in the rental price? Does it include tax? Is the insurance also included in the price?

What we want you to do is to a cost-benefit analysis because really, cheap does not necessarily mean value for money.

What can you see in Dubai? As a futuristic city, you can see different high-rise buildings, futuristic-looking hotels and a man-made archipelago. Ever since it became known that the oil reserves in the United Arab Emirates is drying up, the leaders of the country have exerted every effort to create alternative sources of income for the country. So far, they have been successful at making the place a premiere destination for luxury tourists who can afford to splash money.

If you can afford to splash money, you would be glad to know that the roads and other infrastructure in Dubai are all brand-new. And as you are driving your rented luxury vehicle, you can relax at the hand of luxury. But of course, sightseeing is not the only thing that tourists do in Dubai. They also go on a desert tour.

Can you drive your rented car to the desert? Yes, you can but only up to a certain point. After that, it’s all camels and ATVs for you and your companion.…

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Rent A Luxury Car In Monaco For A Special Vacation

Posted on Aug 10, 2015 in Luxury Cars

Monaco is an amazing place to visit between the great weather, rich history and the local nightclubs and casinos. What could be more exciting than experiencing the luxurious lifestyle of the wealthiest residents of Monaco?

Driving a luxury car in Monaco is a fun-filled experience. People will believe you belong to the local jet set and you will be able to go anywhere in Monaco in style. There are many options for luxury car rental Monaco. You should take a look at the different businesses that offer this service in the area before you decide to rent a car. You should also figure out the kind of vehicle you would like to rent in advance to make your search easier. You can for instance rent a modern European sports car or choose a modern vehicle.

awesomecarsSome luxury vehicle rental businesses give you the option to have a chauffeur drive you around – just like Apex Luxury Car Hire does, for example they also offer to rent luxury cars in France. This is perfect if you plan on visiting local nightclubs or simply want to relax in the backseat and enjoy the amazing landscapes instead of driving.

However, driving a luxury car is something you have to experience at least once if you are a car enthusiast. Driving around Monaco is a very exciting experience since the city is regularly transformed into a giant racing track for motor sport events.

Monaco is the perfect destination if you want to rent a luxury car without looking out of place. Celebrities often choose Monaco as a destination and there is lot of wealthy individuals who live in the area. People might even mistake you for a movie star when they see you pull up in your luxury ride!

Take the time to compare your options before you book a rental. Several businesses offer luxury cars in the area and you should not settle for the first one you find. You should be able to find any make and model you like if you look around.

Make sure you rent your luxury car from a business with a good reputation to have a great experience, Apex has some good reviews on Google+. Look at reviews in advance and call different businesses to ask a few questions about the rentals they offer. Select a rental company that has been around for a while, hires polite and helpful representatives and offers a good selection of well-maintained luxury vehicles. It might be best to book a rental in advance to make sure you get a car you like.…

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